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Professional Courses

20 Lessons | Duration: 50 Hours

Kids & Teen Yoga Teacher Training

20 Lessons | Duration: 50 Hours

Meditation Teacher Training

Become a certified & confident meditation teacher with our comprehensive online training. Learn to teach meditation & complete the course at your schedule.
20 Lessons | Duration: 50 Hours

Fascia Yoga Teacher Training

Understand the science of fascia & apply it to your yoga classes.
20 Lessons | Duration: 75 Hours

Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

This premium online course is created by Lucia Seglie with her 10 years of teaching experience and with more than 800 hours Hatha yoga and Therapeutic Yoga teaching experience.
7 Lessons | Duration: 50 Hours

Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training

The Arhanta 50 hour Vinyasa Yoga teacher training is especially designed for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge and teaching skills and to include Vinyasa Yoga.
20 Lessons | Duration: 30 Hours

Hands-on Adjustments and Assists Training

Take your teaching skills to an entirely new level with our 30-hour Corrections & Modifications Teacher Training Course. In short, this course will teach you all you need to know about adjusting, correcting and modifying more than 80 popular yoga asanas and exercises.
14 Lessons | Duration: 25 Hours

Yoga Philosophy Course 25 Hour

Learn yoga philosophy at your own schedule. Join Yoga Alliance accredited course, now online. With this course, you will understand the fundamentals of yoga philosophy in non-sectarian approach.
14 Lessons | Duration: 50 Hours

Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Ready to become a Yin Yoga Teacher? Start learning now & get certified quickly by enrolling this 50 hrs course with Certificate.
22 Lessons | Duration: 200 Hours

200 Hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training

Join Yoga Alliance accredited professional 200 hour Hatha Yoga teacher certification course. With this course you will develop all the necessary skills to start teaching yoga professionally.
18 Lessons | Duration: 50 Hours

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training

Become a certified & confident Yoga Nidra teacher with our premium online training.
4 Lessons | Duration: 15 Hours

Mum & Baby Yoga

Learn how mums can practice yoga with their baby in a confident and safe way.
20 Lessons | Duration: 20 Hours

Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training

This course teaches you how to guide mums who have just given birth, using yoga as a method to re-connect with their bodies.  
5 Lessons | Duration: 150 Hours

Clinical Hypnotherapy : A Master Certification Course

Learn how to effectively perform professional hypnotherapy sessions.
20 Lessons | Duration: 85 Hours

Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Learn how to teach yoga to pregnant women. Besides being extremely grateful this can be an interesting way expand your customer base.
20 Lessons | Duration: 30 Hours

Holistic Health Coach Training for Women

Learn a holistic approach with Yoga and Ayurveda for promoting hormonal health for women. Learn how to guide with menstrual issues, fertility issues and menopause.
14 Lessons | Duration: 12 Hours

Ayurveda Course

Learn the fundamental principles of Ayurveda. You will learn how to practice Ayurveda and improve your health by using nutrition and treatments to balance the Doshas.

Short Courses

15 Lessons | Duration:

Prenatal Yoga : 3 Trimesters

The Arhanta Yoga online Prenatal Yoga short course by Lucia Seglie covers each trimester separately to help you adapt your classes to the mother’s changing…
20 Lessons | Duration:

8-week Chakra Theory & Practice Course

Unlocking the Healing Powers of Your Chakras

Course Combos

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What People Say...!


Arhanta Online Academy has been a perfect partner for me. I’ve been impressed with the level of customer service and the way the company treats me (and my clients) like family. It has literally transformed my ability to get my content out to my community & increased my revenue.

MARISA - Instructor

I am yoga teacher who teaches to older individuals and through local hospitals. I particularly benefited from the Arhanta Online Academy platform especially the yin yoga course. I would highly recommend Arhanta Online Academy.


I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is wants to get into Yin Yoga and incorporate Yin Yoga in their teachings. I’m a yoga teacher who teaches the elderly, mostly through local hospitals. Therefore the chapters on modifications of poses and alternatives using props and support were very beneficial.


The course material is very good; especially the live recordings of Ram teaching have high educational value. It was like I was right there, attending face to face. After completing the course, I started teaching Yin Yoga successfully. I highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to start teaching Yin Yoga


I loved taking this course, really recommend it. Both the theoretical and practical parts are well explained, I could study without any problems.


Clear and structured. The videos offer high quality content and it’s great that you can watch them again. I feel confident to start teaching Yin Yoga.


Once you have found the time to fit this course into your own personal schedule, it is comprehensive. Very detailed explanation and also gives the possibility to go to an even deeper level and to do research. Really enjoyed the course so far.


For me this was the best option to follow the course. I could study in my own time and pace. I can recommend studying online to those who don’t want to travel or don’t have much time.