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Become a certified & confident Yoga Nidra teacher with our premium online training.

Become a certified & confident Yoga Nidra teacher with our premium online training. Learn & complete the course at your schedule. Benefit from 19 years of teaching experience of Ram Jain.

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Dawn Reynolds
Posted 1 month ago

I loved this course, all the way through. All of the information was easy to understand. I love the lifetime access. I feel confident going out and teaching Yoga Nidra now! The teachers were very helpful and quick to reply. I highly recommend this course! I plan to take another course online here as well!

Thipphavanh DEOVAN
Posted 1 month ago
Amazing teaching and great for self-developement too!

I am amazed by this course. It is thorough, well explained. I had to discipline myself to complete this. At the end my mind became more and more focused and sharp. I did not expect this. Beyond the Yoga Nidra, we had to do other exercises meditation, breathing, yoga. I am happy they included them in the course. It left me with the feeling of wanting to know more. Thanks for this amazing course

Robert Fraser
Posted 4 months ago
Great course!!!

I never stopped learning! Was so inspired I signed up for the 200 Hr Yoga Teachers training! I am inspired to teach Yoga Nidra with your guidance! Thanks so much and keep expanding your course offerings online if possible!

Nicole Reiher
Posted 4 months ago
Wonderful Journey - well explained

Thank you for this wonderful course! The Videos are good to understand and I really like the “seminar-feeling”. It’s like you joined the course in real - you can laugh with them and hear all the questions and discussions. The skript gives you a great input and is a good base to learn all important things. I can highly recommend this course for all Yoga Nidra interested people! Namaste 🙏

sarah recher
Posted 4 months ago

Thank you for this Yoga Nidra trainee 🙏🏻 Well explained

Muriel Baron-Geelleit
Posted 5 months ago
Great online Yoga Nidra course

Great set up of this online Yoga Nidra Teachers course with written theory, videos and assignments. I can recommend everybody this course! Quick feedback also. Thank you Arhanta team!

Fariba Vafaei
Posted 5 months ago
Useful course.

I’m happy with my course.That was organized and easy to catch.I could see that all the knowledge was as pure as old, scred knowledge.A good gathering of what we need to have in hand and the go forward to practice.Im greaeful for my teacher.He knows what to do.He is humble and has confidence. He has sense of humour. The support part was always available and they answer you in the right time.

Magnus Heber
Posted 5 months ago
Very professional. Absolutely recommendable.

Many people beware of an online course. I was sceptic as well. But I tried the Yoga Nidra Online Teacher Training and was not disappointed. The whole concept of this course, the videos of real classes (as you would be in class) and the possibility to proceed whenever you have willingness to learn, makes this course strongly recommended if you want to teach Yoga Nidra seriously. Thanks to the Team!

Ina (Martina) Sträßler MA
Posted 5 months ago
Great course!

Perfect course for me. Very clear and structured. Ram is a good and humorous teacher, liked it. I highly recommend this course.

Patrick Keating
Posted 5 months ago
Yoga Nidra 50 Hour online training

I recently completed my Yoga Nidra course. Having recently completed my 200 hour YTT in Dublin I decided to pursue as I am interested in including the practice in classes in the future. The way the course is structured suited me as I am working full time. Ram is a fantastic teacher, very good at explaining the concepts. The course notes are also excellent. I would definitely recommend!

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