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Technical FAQs

  • No sound in videos
    Browsers have updated their policy on autopay video. So the videos are played muted by default.
    There is an option at right bottom to unmute the video. See screenshot
  • "Mark Complete" button not working
    The “Mark Complete” button only gets active (i.e. turns Maroon from Gray color ) when the video is completely watched.
    If by chance you forgot to mark complete any topic, just go back to the topic, drag the video timeline to last, let the video finish. The button will then turn maroon & you can mark that topic as completed.
  • My assignment PDF is saved blank.

    There are two possibilities  : 1 ) You are editing the PDF with in the browser only. 2 ) You are a MAC  user & use default preview app to open PDF. Both, browser & preview app do not support fillable pdfs.

    Correct way : First download the assignment PDF in your pc. Open it with a PDF Software (we recommend Adobe Reader. You can get it free here ). Fill in your answers & save the pdf & then upload to the portal.

  • Message Teacher

    Do not ask technical questions to teachers. For technical support email us on : support@arhantayoga.org