Clinical Hypnotherapy : A Master Certification Course

Learn how to effectively perform professional hypnotherapy sessions.
Joseph Drumheller · January 28, 2020

What will you learn

Welcome to Clinical Hypnotherapy, A Master Certification Course. Hypnotherapy is an exciting and dynamic tool for profound and deep healing. In this course, you’ll be learning the essential components needed to set up and run your own professional Hypnotherapy business.

This course is broken up into four parts.

  • In Part One, you’ll learn the introductory essentials for successfully conducting your first hypnotherapy session.
  • In Part Two, you’ll learn 15 specific professional hypnotherapy techniques, with guidance on how and when to use them.
  • In Part Three, we’ll touch on theory, frequently asked questions you’ll face, and how to handle unexpected and usual situations, that may come up in your sessions.
  • In Part Four, we’ll dive into advanced issues that seasoned hypnotherapists face, including Unworthiness, Abandonment, Addictions, Cancer, and much more.


  • A solid understanding of the English language
  • A device like computer, laptop or smart phone, tv
  • Experience in meditation is helpful but not required
  • A passionate desire to learn this life-enhancing modality

This course is for

  • Students With No Experience – This course is ideal for anyone looking for a meaningful new career in Hypnotherapy, with a passionate interest in meditation and/or spirituality. A strong desire for helping other people is a must.
  • Existing Holistic and Wellness Professionals – This course is equally suited for professionals who want to supplement their practice by incorporating techniques of this magical, life-changing modality. Those may include Yoga Instructors, Psychologists, Counselors, Energy Healers, Naturopaths, Hospice Care Providers, Hypnotherapists, Reiki Practitioners, or any professional working in holistic and wellness related careers.

Certificate / Qualifications

  • Students will receive a professional certification upon completion.

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Course Includes

  • 5 Lessons
  • 119 Topics
  • Course Certificate

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Cassie Korte
Posted 3 weeks ago
Practical Application

I really loved this course. The information was presented clearly and efficiently. Not only do I feel ready ad competent to practice hypnotherapy, but the course was written in a way that I see its direct need and application for my counseling clients.

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Pierre Teil Alberda
Posted 3 months ago
It is normal to communicate your opinion when things are done professionally.

the content of the courses and the way in which they are communicated suits me perfectly.

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Frederique Duchenne-Burckel.
Posted 4 months ago
Beyong expectation !

I found all the techniques of the course very valuables and very efficient. I am glad i took this course, it gave me new techniques some professional structure to keep in mind and an appetite for more hypnotherapy ! I also appreciate the clarity and the simplicity of the exercises that can be a great start , easy and efficient for client with quick results and quick feeling of calm. Thank you !

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Sarah Nahles
Posted 6 months ago
great teacher!

Very good structure of the course. Joseph is always available within a few hours for questions and in the videos he speaks with much experience which helped a lot. Thank you!

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Rene van Stigt
Posted 1 year ago
Unbelievable how beautifully the brain works

I had done the yoga Nidra training and I was amazed at how powerful the tool is. I wanted to go deeper and I chose the training "Clinical Hypnotherapy", because you also work on the same frequency with your brain the Theta 3.5 -7 Hz. Unbelievable how beautifully the brain works and that you can heal patients with this. The training is really a must for anyone who wants to learn more about this.

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Melina Sebbe
Posted 2 years ago
love it!

I'm really happy with this certification. It's organized, easy to understand, the information is clear. Joseph is always attentive and answers all our questions with kindness. When you send the assigments he always gives you a feedback and tips. I'm really happy with this certification! Thank you Joseph

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Kushla Skinner
Posted 2 years ago
Im so glad i waited to learn from you!

I have been interested in learning Hypnosis for years and have been to many expos to enquire and just never felt the right connection to the teacher. I came here looking to learn Ayurveda and ended up purchasing your course instead. I am so thankful for the choice i made. Your teaching style is effortless and easy. Its very informative and I thoroughly enjoyed this course!

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Jean-Paul Mathiot
Posted 2 years ago
Great course

I thoroughly enjoyed this course. The lectures are short, informative and to the point. Very easy to follow and to apply with clients as you proceed to through the course.

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